Wamsutter Field

Crowheart is focused on horizontal development activities in the Wamsutter Field of Wyoming’s Green River Basin

Our Operations

We operate approximately 1,200,000 acres of leasehold across the Green River Basin’s Wamsutter Field and produce from more than 3,600 wells. Our operational focus is optimizing legacy production while delivering liquids-rich production growth through horizontal development of the Lewis formation. Crowheart places a strong emphasis on the safe and environmentally responsible oversight of the Wamsutter Field.

Crowheart operated Buttermilk drilling pad

Wamsutter Field

Our development activities and acquisitions are focused in the Wamsutter Field along the eastern side of Wyoming’s Green River Basin (GRB). The field covers over 2,000 square miles of productive area in Sweetwater and Carbon counties. Historically developed for its vast natural gas reserves, over 6,000 vertical producing wells, the field has transitioned to an oil play with horizontal development taking place in the liquids rich Lewis formation.


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Crowheart Operated Buttermilk Drilling Pad

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